Moorcroft A World Awakens | 1 IN STOCK



After hibernating, our sleepy hedgehog shuffles its way out of a nest of dry oak leaves, up through new, green grass and past a forest of golden daffodils. Only for a second does it pause to peer past a group of early spring fluttering butterflies and beyond into an orchard in blossom and a wildflower field full of the blooms of a new year. This is a tale of the changing seasons. The dry oak leaves represent the chill winds of a cold winter: fresh green grass and bright yellow daffodils stand up for spring. Pure white blossom is there to herald the fruits of autumn while the colourful butterflies provide an advertisement for the summer ahead. Helen Dale has given us an image of a whole year although our hedgehog may not even notice what nature is trying to tell it, as it trundles through a world all of its own.
Size H 17.5cm
Ltd Ed 15 Designed by Helen Dale

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