Moorcroft Woodland Walk Plaque | Made to Order



Beech, oak and silver birch cascade down the steep-sided bank as late autumn takes hold of this ancient woodland and trees give-up their final flourish of colour to the woodland floor. A couple holding hands walk their small grey dog, happily ferreting for seasonal finds, towards a reservoir.  With the foreground framed with seasonal foliage of glossy, deep-brown conkers in tortoiseshell-greens, golden acorns in their russet homes, oak leaves of sepia, peach-tinted parchment, and burnished copper, all ignited by bright-red berries, silhouettes of towering trees disappear into cool-blue waters.

The trees were blazing with autumn; red and gold and auburn leaves littered the ground like a many-hued carpet that crackled and rustled as they hiked along.  - Ben Bova, Return to Mars, 1999

Designer: Alicia Amison

Shape:  PLQ17           

Limited Edition 15