Moorcroft Whitby | Made to Order

MC364/20 W


Situated on the east coast of Yorkshire at the mouth of the River Esk, Whitby has a rich maritime heritage, as it is said to be where Captain Cook learned his seamanship. It is also home to the ruins of Whitby Abbey where Caedmon, the earliest English poet, lived. Designer, Kerry Goodwin took inspiration from the picturesque setting and recreated this multi-coloured and charming harbour town. (new para) Whitby radiates the uniquely nostalgic feel of an English harbour, to the point that you can almost hear the gulls screeching and wailing overhead and the smell of wet fish baskets and the tantalizing aroma of fish and chips, doused in salt and vinegar emanating from a harbour side building. (new para) Kerry presents Whitby on a prestige vase giving the town the full honour it deserves as a destination of great historic interest.
Size H 50cm
Numbered Edition Kerry Goodwin

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