Moorcroft Spellbinding Charm Mother's Day 2023



Wild alpine bells, Cortusa matthioli, are a wonder to see. They often grow in surprising large clumps for such a tiny floral treasure. They appear is early spring, pushing through the snow that can sweep the UK even in late March when Mother’s Day arrives, struggling to bloom but persevering to bring us their spellbinding charm. They are members of the Primula family and wherever they grow, their flowering is something of an event as their fairy bells open. Designer Nicola Slaney, a mother to three daughters herself, chose this design to celebrate Mother’s Day as the flower’s symbolic meanings encompass affection, constancy and everlasting love - three traits that are at the forefront of our minds, especially on Mother’s Day.

New design by Nicola Slaney

Limited Edition of 25

H 23cm

Made to order