Moorcroft Sooty Albatross | Made to Order



One of the most distinctive of albatrosses, known for their dark ‘burglar’ facemask and aerial grace, Kerry’s Sooty Albatross sits with her bill tucked under her dusky, chocolate-brown wings observing her brood of soot-colour fledglings from her broken white eye-ring. As the wild grass curls around the nest, you are drawn to the seascape from a crow’s nest perspective, and you begin to tumble hundreds of feet over the sheer, jagged cliff edge and down to the tranquil sea below. Overhead, a male soars over the island with long, narrow wings, and wedge-shaped tail. Interestingly, as you circle the vase, you find two further sooty albatrosses nestled among Antarctic flora and you begin to hear the shrieks from the crowded cliff face as you are absorbed into the world of the Sooty Albatross.
NEW Ltd Ed 20 Designed By Kerry Goodwin
Size H 30cm