Moorcroft Memories From My Past Prestige Vase | Made to Order



Stepping back in time to the 1960s, Paul takes us to some of his favourite childhood jaunts in Stoke-on-Trent. These locations have stayed with the designer as warm, nostalgic recollections over the years so today he has married three locations up to form one continuous design. Firstly, we see an oatcake shop, which Paul explains was two doors down from his Gran’s house on Heaton Terrace. This particular shop was obviously a popular choice for the locals who are queuing on the pavement. Two young men sit on the floor to devour their freshly cooked, cheese-filled oatcakes. Perhaps one of these characters is Paul himself? A turn of the corner and we are on to Peel Street in Dresden where the family barbers resides. Gents of all ages wait patiently for their turn. It is even possible that a young Paul and his father can be spotted through the window? A red and white barber’s pole marks the end of the terrace where a traditional 1960s road sweeper navigates the cobbles with his cart and brush.
The next scene features Clive’s Hardware Store, a shop once located on Wolstanton High Street which holds significance not only for Paul, but also two of his colleagues at Moorcroft. Clive was in fact father to Linda and Sandra Hartshorne, two of Moorcroft’s tubeliners. Paul recalls “I was always in there fetching things for Dad’s DIY projects”. He recreates the window display with incredible detail, including household products and knick-knacks of all shapes and sizes. A cluster of pedestrians gather outside for a quick chat, while a puppy waits patiently for his morning walk. As ever, Paul’s design just begs to be studied up-close in great detail in order to be fully-appreciated. From smoking bottle ovens to church spires and taverns, you are sure to find something new each time you delve into Paul’s Memories From My Past.

NEW Designed by Paul Hilditch Numbered Edition
H 40cm