Moorcroft Colours of Winter January 2023 Miniature | Made to Order



Colours of Winter is the first in the 2023 collection of 12 monthly miniatures by designer Nicola Slaney. This fascinating series gives a glimpse of life in Britain’s hedgerows. Hedgerows have been part of the British landscape for thousands of years and many of our most ancient examples date from Saxon times. Hedgerows often have a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers within them, offering food in the form of leaves, flower nectar, berries and nuts as well as nesting and burrowing sites and safe havens from danger for small animals. In this first miniature the hedgerow is mostly bare, brown and twiggy. There is some colour though, from both the yellow hazel catkins that can be found in late winter and the yellow breast of blue tits. The catkins rely on the wind to blow their pollen or from helpful feather friends to aid the pollen on its journey. These are lean times. Blue tits are hunting for galls to feed on to sustain them in the dark days ahead and they bring some much-needed colour to the hedgerow.

NEW Designed By Nicola Slaney