Moorcroft Coeurs Enflammes | Made to Order



Hearts shown on fire, have been created by designer Kerry Goodwin, with Moorcroft decorators extraordinaire, Wendy Mason and Julie Dolan, using true artistry to recreate the flambé effect of Moorcroft’s colossal flambé kilns of the last century. Images of fire associated with the heart represents Christ’s passionate love for humankind. One 19th-century French devotional card has these words arched above the Sacred Heart— ‘Voilà ce Cœur qui a tant aimé les hommes’, which translates to: ‘Here is the heart that loved men so much.’ So whether your Cœurs Enflammés is a token of love for your soul mate or loved one, the fusion of calamine, cardinal, crimson, garnet, poppy, redwood, rose, and vermillion shall, without doubt, warm the coals of any heart.

Height 10cm

Open Edition

Designed by Kerry Goodwin