Moorcroft A Jar of Nuthatches



A lone nuthatch with short tail, and large head, points its beak into the air as he perches on the bulbous finial of a wrought iron gate. Behind him, a straight path and manicured hedge leads to the frontal façade of a sleepy red bricked house. Above, streaked silver birch twist and curl as if defying the clean architectural lines, and curiously mimic the black-capped and white breasted markings of the Nuthatch. Below, a little mouse can be seen scurrying into a thicket of ripe, plump blackberries. Journey away from the path leading directly to the entrance and towards the rear of the property, where an orangery lies in the distance, past an ornamental birdbath. A Jar of Nuthatches take centre stage as they peck into the blackberry thicket, balancing on the wrought iron rail heads.
NEW Ltd Ed 25 Designed By Paul Hilditch.
Size H 40cm

Made to order 6-8 weeks