Goviers Pearl Stud Earrings



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Pearls, the Gemstone of the Ocean, are favoured by our own Royal Family and royalty throughout history. The oldest pearl has been dated to 5,500BC. The ancient Greeks believed Pearls brought marital bliss, the Romans saw Pearls as a status symbol.
White Cultured Freshwater Pearls have been chosen for our collection, with a special lustre inspired by Moonlight on the Ocean. Due to the fact that pearls are natural there will be slight variances in the size of the pearls.
Designed here in Staffordshire, we have taken care to include a magnetic clasp on the necklace and bracelet, fitting is so easy. Sterling Silver Fittings and chain have been used throughout. Our ‘Lantern’ style earring fitting intricately woven using traditional skills. The pearls for our collection have been selected and threaded by hand, in Birmingham’s Historic Jewellery Quarter, the home of the Jewellers crafts since 1750.Pearl is the birthstone for September and for the Gemini star sign. It also marks 30th Wedding Anniversaries. From Cleopatra through to our own Queen Elizabeth II, Pearls richly deserve their title as the ‘Queen of the Gemstones’.

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