Goviers Exclusive Platinum Jubilee Half Sovereign Pendant




Sovereigns were first commissioned by Henry V11 and the first one came into circulation on 28th October, 1498. The 2022 half sovereign includes a special design only being issued for the Platinum Jubilee. The Coat of Arms belongs to HM Queen Elizabeth II a new version has been created for 2022 by the Royal Mint. The shield is surrounded by the Order of the Garter, the text in French broadly translates to ‘Evil be to him who evil thinks thereof’. The Order of the Garter is an ancient order of Knighthood of which the Queen is Sovereign. The crowned lion of England and the silver Unicorn of Scotland appear on each side. The current Queen Elizabeth 11 Head appears on the front of the half sovereign. The half sovereign is struck by the Royal Mint, responsible for striking English coinage since 896AD. Most of that time was spent at the Tower of London, in the mid 1960’s moving to their present home in Llantrisant, South Wales. The half sovereign is 22 carat gold or 91.66% pure fine gold. The Pendant has been crafted from precious sterling silver, plated with platinum. These virtually flawless Amethyst gemstones were mined in Brazil, where they were cut and polished by hand. The pendant has been handmade in Birmingham’s Historic Jewellery Quarter, the home of England’s jewellery crafts since 1650. Each Amethyst has been selected for it’s intensity of colour, 36 gemstones per pendant, 1.5 carats of Amethyst. The gemstones have been selected and set by hand by a master gemsmith who has been working with gemstones for more than 40 years. Known as the ‘Royal’ Gemstone as it features in the Crown Jewels also royal jewellery collections throughout Europe for many centuries. The colour also reflects the purple in the Coronation robes. The pendant is presented on an 18’’/45cm sterling silver curb chain, plated with platinum. (Other chain sizes can be accommodated, please ask.). Finally, the pendant is placed into a wooden case. Combining the most traditional minting and jewellery crafting skills, all made in the UK. The beauty of natural amethyst formed deep within the earth over millions of years.

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