De Rosa Flamingo



Instantly recognisable this pink Flamingo from De Rosa is a stunning piece to add to your collection. The characteristic curved neck which should always lean to the right has been expertly sculpted to reflect the anatomy of this wading bird. 

The artisans at De Rosa have expertly blended and tinted the hand painted colours to ensure this represents the ‘flamenco’ colours of this bird (flamenco means fire in Spanish). 

The delicate yet incredibly strong legs have been hand embellished in gold, standing in green and yellow reeds. 

The Flamingo’s features are finished in stunning platinum and gold with onyx black hooked beak and eyes. 

De Rosa create unique pieces, whereby each moulded figurine is hand-carved and painted before it is finished in gold and platinum.  

F216 Flamingo Size 10x 6 x16cm

Each unique piece is supplied in a free gift box.

The De Rosa Collection -  The Delicate Charm of Handcrafted Ceramics.