Anita Harris Coronation Bouquet Set of 4


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This stunning collection of four vases are exclusive to Goviers. In a limited Edition of just 70, with a certificate of authenticity, each vase depicts one of the four flowers in HM The Queen's Coronation Bouquet.

In a blaze of white, Orchids, Lily of the Valley, Stephanotis and Carnations enrobe these richly decorated royal blue, rich green and platinum vases.
Designed and created by Longman’s Florists under the leadership of Martin Longman, the Queen’s Coronation bouquet was a floral symbol for all four parts of the United Kingdom. England was represented by Orchids and Lily of the Valley while Stephanotis symbolised Scotland. For Wales, there were more Orchids grown in the principality while Carnations were used to symbolise Northern Ireland with some of these blooms also chosen for the Isle of Man. Orchids were also personally significant to the new Queen, who had carried a collection of these blooms in her wedding bouquet.

Size | Height 12cm
Limited Edition of 70 

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