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Twists Glass "Queen's 90th Birthday Paperweights Mushroom"
Twists Glass quotQueens 90th Birthday Paperweights Mushroomquot

Twists Glass "Queen's 90th Birthday Paperweights Mushroom"

Shipping: UK £480.00
EU Countries £513.60
Rest of World £456.00
Design: Q90.7
Twists Glass "Queen's 90th Paperweights Mushroom"
Size: 3¾"

Goviers have commissioned Michael Hunter of Twists Glass to produce a collection of unique paperweights to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. Each paperweight will be different although they will contain similar canes. All paperweights will contain a special Queen's 90th Cane and the ER Cane which Michael has produced exclusively for Goviers. No more than 30 paperweights will be in this collection of which Michael has so far produced 14 using 3 shapes.
6 standard ‘Close-pack', 4 ‘Magnum Close-pack' and 4 Mushrooms.
The remaining 16 paperweights may include different shapes and canes but will all include the two Goviers' exclusive canes.

All these special canes are included in each of these paperweights.
The Queen's 90 and the ER II Canes are exclusive to Goviers.
If you would like to reserve a particular weight please telephone.

Price to EU Countries £513.60 this includes a charge for air post and insurance.

Rest Of World (ROW) Export price outside EU £456.00 Inc USA, Canada, Australia etc includes air post and insurance LESS the deduction for the UK sales tax (VAT).
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