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Royal Copenhagen Easter egg | Iris Petals



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In 2020 the Iris  blooms and drapes its petals on this  Easter egg part of the Spring Collection.  Annually collected throughout the world, the Royal Copenhagen Easter eggs herald the first signs of spring.

A collector's items for Easter the blooming pieces of the Royal Copenhagen Spring Collection bids spring welcome year after year - as gifts for yourself or a loved one.

A great alternative to a chocolate Easter egg!

The Spring Collection is inspired by delicate Danish flowers welcoming Spring; a collection which is both decorative and functional. In 2020, a blooming selection of flowers are added. Quince, Dandelion, Iris, and Tulip unfold their petals in deep shades of orange, yellow, purple and blue.

Size 6cm

The proud trademark of Royal Copenhagen is marked under every piece of porcelain. The trademark holds not only the royal crown but also three blue waves originally symbolizing the three main waterways of Denmark: The Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. Today, more than two centuries later, the three waves are symbols of Royal Copenhagen's fundamental values of skillful craftsmanship, sustainable aesthetics and thoughtful meticulousness.