Murano Glass Multicolour Vase Missoni



This venetian blown glass vase is part of an Original Murrano Glass collection called Missoni, a new collection of only 10 one of a kind pieces. . The composition of the surface effect color is always different in each piece, Little pieces of glass in green, yellow, blue, red and orange are molten together to give a perfect combination of mixed glass colours.
Traditional venetian glass making skills on the island of Murano, have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries, from Master to “garzonetto”, father to son, and to this day continue to respect the true traditions, and integral customs of the land, and its history creating beautiful works of glass art.

All Original Murano Glass artworks, from Murano, Venice, include a certificate of authenticity, proving that they have been made according to the best traditional Venetian techniques in Italy.

Size L 17cm W 18cm H 32 cm