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Moorcroft RSPB Success Stories - Cranes on Parade


PLQ2 Cranes on Parade


Cranes became extinct in the UK in the 1600s, but a small number started breeding again in Norfolk in the 1970s. To help increase the population, the RSPB and partners re-introduced just under 100 birds to the Somerset Levels as part of the Great Crane Project. Many of these cranes have now gone on to raise chicks of their own, a good number on RSPB-managed land. Emma features a flock of cranes in all their glory, with each feather intricately tubelined. Standing proudly like soldiers on parade, this flock preen and pose for us to enjoy forever more.
Size 24.5 x 34.5cm
Numbered Edition Designer Emma Bossons
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Type: Collectables