Moorcroft Hispalian Vase



William Moorcroft’s Hesperian Ware included designs depicting fish, notably, carp, seaweed and shells. Colours varied from the typical Florian Blue and included greens, yellows and salmon hues sometimes with gold accents. Hispalian utilises accent colours and design to create an Art Nouveau underwater world, tinged with the salmon pinks of the traditional Hesperian Ware. On the 15th April 1902 E. Watling, of retailer Osier, wrote to Mr Moorcroft having seen his fish design to suggest a name for it - “How does Hispalian strike you? (taken from the name of an old Persian city).” The final name was to become Hesperian (from the Garden of Hesperides), but almost 120 years to the date of this historic letter, Hispalian finally makes its world debut.
Size H 17.5cm
Designed by Kerry Goodwin Ltd Ed 20

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