Moorcroft Garden of Delights plaque



150 years ago, Kelmscott Manor became the country home of William Morris in June 1871. The founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain, drew great inspiration from the unspoilt authenticity of the house's architecture and craftsmanship, and its organic relationship with its setting, especially its garden. The front garden was walled with a summer house in one corner and contained many standard roses. While the garden’s many old trees, included an ancient black mulberry at the rear of the house. Senior Designer Rachel Bishop’s design encompasses the essence of the Arts and Crafts Movement with its intricate design, rich colour palette and Arts and Crafts motifs. There are echoes of Morris’s Tulip design, with small daisy like flowers scattered amongst vibrant red flowers, which look almost like ripened fruit ready to be carefully picked by hand from his garden of delights. The tiny seeds within fruit like flower are each tubed with great skill and accuracy, while the metallic oxide colours that Rachel has chosen, bring a richness and warmth to her limited-edition plaque.

Designed by Rachel Bishop Ltd Ed 25
21.5cm x 29cm