Moorcroft Evenfall



Barry Emmerson, a British iris hybridiser, captured a sunset in an iris with his Iceni Sunset and for his efforts was awarded the Premiere iris award, the Dykes Medal, in 2014. In soft Moorcroft glazes the mysterious lines of clouded-pink on the edges of the Iceni Sunset petals gradually fade into a haze of purple. With beards of intense orange they sink into a sublime sunset with the aptly named iris, Shepherds Delight as they float around the vase in rotation with the majestic purple hues of iris Headlines by Leonard Brummitt; introduced in 1953. In perfect harmony, Shepherds Delight irises bloom in shades of pink merging into barley-yellow at base of the falls, and burst with vibrant ambers to set the sky ablaze. The British Iris Society (BIS) was founded in 1922 and so a design to commemorate its centenary was created in an Art Deco style. A richly embellished design, accentuated by gleaming metal accents, Rachel’s Art Deco Iris plaque and vase gleam. Emerald-coloured leaves create the streamlined appeal of Art Deco design and sapphire-blue and amethyst standards rise up over synchronised curves mirroring the colours in the falls and leaves below.
Designed by Emma Bossons. Ltd Ed 15.
H 18cm