Belleek Hanako Annual Basket 2021



The Hanako Basket has been patiently hand woven in an organic shape to reflect that of a pond and features hand applied elements depicting acquatic flora and fauna. The longest living freshwater fish ever recorded was a female koi named Hanako, she lived to the grand age of 226. The koi represents longevity, perseverance and abundance. Hand crafted water lilies surround the 'pond' and are a symbol of enlightenment, beauty and purity. Menyanthes, a traditional pond margin plant, represents tranquility, repose and calmness, whilst the frog overlooking the 'pond'; a symbol of fertility and transformation. In Celtic traditions the frog is seen as healing and cleansing, as well as an emblem of rebirth. This striking basket receives a special backstamp and will only be produced for the year of 2021.

W 18cm L 23cm H 6.5cm