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Moorcroft "Flying Colours Typhoon Tornado 780/4 Coaster"
Moorcroft quotFlying Colours Typhoon Tornado 7804 Coasterquot

Moorcroft "Flying Colours Typhoon Tornado 780/4 Coaster"

Shipping: UK £150.00
EU Countries £160.50
Rest Of World £142.50
Moorcroft Pottery
Flying Colours Typhoon Tornado 780/4 Coaster
Open Edition
Designed By Paul Hilditch

Celebrating 100 years of the Royal Air Force
For a hundred years, the Royal Air Force has served its country with flying colours. Formed towards the end of World War 1 on 1st April 1918, the RAF is the oldest independent air force in the world. World War 1 witnessed the arrival of those fearless flying heroes in machines barely off the test stages and with armaments sometimes more dangerous to the pilot than to the enemy on the ground. Designer, Paul Hilditch, leads Flying Colours with a time line showing Britain's most advanced and versatile fighter jet, the Typhoon Tornado, alongside the legendary Spitfire and in the rear a Sopwith Snipe, seen on this magnificent plaque. Each historical plane is flying over the white cliffs of Dover, a place in Britain synonymous with the RAF and their aerial missions.
Accompanying this plaque are three coasters, showing each of the three planes. These three air born warriors have been celebrated in style by Moorcroft.

Price to EU Countries £160.25 this includes a charge for air post and insurance.

Rest Of World (ROW) Export price outside EU £142.50 Inc USA, Canada, Australia etc includes air post and insurance LESS the deduction for the UK sales tax (VAT).

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