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Diamond Jubilee Bronté Porcelain
  • To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Bronté have produced some magnificent pieces. The beautiful lion and unicorn candle extinguishers based on the Queen’s Beasts which are ten mythical and real animals used on the heraldic badges of the Queen’s ancestors.
    Inspired by the bouquet carried by the Queen from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey for her coronation, Bronte have created a stunning piece ‘Coronation Bouquet’ featuring a delicate composition of white Cattleya orchid, with sprays of Lily of the Valley and Stephanotis. Each painstakingly made by hand from English fine bone china.
    In keeping with Goviers’ theme of using Oak and four Acorns to represent the Royal House of Windsor, with the Queen represented by the sprig of oak and her four children by the acorns, we have commissioned Bronte to produce some superb naturalistic sculptures ‘Royal House of Windsor Oak’ and ‘Royal House of Windsor Oak Autumn Gold’. They are entirely created by hand with each leaf and acorn individually crafted.
    Bronte have currently been modelling a new extinguisher of the Queen to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. The new model is of the Queen on Coronation Day in 1953. This complements the previous editions, which Bronte have created of the Queen from her as a child through to the present day. The new piece may be pre-ordered and will be available from late April.